Discovery Session - Battle of Thermophylae

Date: 10 December 2020
Start Time: 4.30 pm
End Time: 6.00 pm
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Joondalup Library

102 Boas Avenue,


Map and Directions

One of the foundational events of Western civilization and the basis of the movie 300. The battle and the wider Persian War are a fascinating and stirring story, full of events that almost beggar belief - the Persian emperor Xerxes building a mile-wide bridge of boats across the Hellespont to march his army into Greece, a handful of Spartans holding off an army of tens of thousands, the Oracle of Delphi making a cryptic prophecy that ended up saving the Greeks from utter destruction...

Cost $5.00. Book and pay online.

For further information on this event please call the City on 9400 4751.

Please note, the presentation will run for approximately one hour, followed by refreshments.

Parking: Please be aware that there is limited free parking at Joondalup library. Details of parking locations and fees can be found at the City’s Parking webpage

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Date: 10 December 2020

Start Time: 4.30 pm
End Time: 6.00 pm

Price: A$5.00

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