Communities in-focus: Navigating an ever-changing world

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Communities in-focus: Navigating an ever-changing world

Date: 3 December 2020
Start Time: 4.30 pm
End Time: 7.30 pm
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Joondalup Reception Centre

Boas Avenue,


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Come along to the end of year Communities in-focus 'Navigating an ever changing world' and end of year Community Networking session in the beautiful surrounds (weather permitting) of the Central Park bushlands.

Managing and Building Resilience
Dr Lynda Folan
We have not yet fully understood the impact of the unprecedented world events that have erupted over the last 12 months. Nor have we fully realised the breadth and depth of the repercussions of the responses to these global events. What is guaranteed is that it is having an impact on our levels of resilience and our overall well-being. If we don't manage and support resilience levels, we will continue to experience heightened emotional states and increasing levels of mental illness.

We have known for years that some individuals are more resilient than others, and research tells us that those with high levels of resilience are far better at coping with challenges and adversity. The good news is that everyone is capable of building resilience. Individuals can choose to maintain a high level of resilience and bolster their personal psychological and emotional well-being. This can be achieved no matter how stressful or impossible the context appears to be. This is not to say it can be done without effort or that there is a quick fix. If individuals are prepared to put in the effort, they can and will achieve a high level of resilience and bounce back from the adversity that they are experiencing.

This session will provide practical support to you in managing and building your resilience. These sessions are based on the very recent research on resilience that was published by Dr Lynda Folan in 2019. They offer a pragmatic approach that will allow you to walk away with strategies that you can implement immediately.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Fadzi Whande
Learn how to create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging. Award winning social justice advocate and global diversity inclusion and diversity consultant Fadzi Whande has an innate ability to reach people and to challenge them to see themselves and others differently, paving a pathway to a more inclusive world.

Fadzi is an award-winning Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist and Social Justice Advocate. She has worked across the not for profit, government and business sectors in Africa, Australia, UK and USA. Her work primarily focuses on addressing systemic inequality for underrepresented groups with specialisation on race and gender equality.

Fadzi is a skilled facilitator in the areas of unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, racial equity and social justice.

In 2016, in partnership with the US Embassy and Pacific Educational Group, Fadzi facilitated the ground-breaking ‘Courageous Conversation about Race’ program with law enforcement agencies throughout Perth, providing participants with an understanding of the impact of institutionalised racism and how to better engage with the State’s diverse communities. As a result, Fadzi was awarded the International Racial Equity Leadership Award at the National Summit for Courageous Conversations, USA and was a finalist for the Australian Human Rights ‘Racism it Stops with me’ award.

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