Discovery Session - Perth at the Outbreak of War

Date: 8 September 2021
Start Time: 6.00 pm
End Time: 7.30 pm
Venue Details:

Joondalup Library - Local History

102 Boas Avenue,


Map and Directions

During the 20 years leading up to World War I, the first gold boom had transformed Perth from a sleepy country town into a thriving and busy city. With the boom came a rush of new buildings which gave Perth’s still un-metaled streets a new air of refined elegance.

The War however change all that. With 10% of the population (around 87,000 people), many of them tradesmen and labourers, away at the front, the burden of ‘keeping Perth going’ fell those left behind. Mining declined and building work in the city all but ceased.

In this talk, Richard Offen will explain what Perth was like around the time of the First World War and show how the city and its people adapted to war time living.

Cost $5.00. Book and pay online.

For further information on this event please call the City on 9400 4751.

Please note, the presentation will run for approximately one hour, followed by refreshments

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