Discovery Session - Awakening the Senses with Mindfulness Photography

Date: 22 September 2021
Start Time: 6.00 pm
End Time: 7.30 pm
Venue Details:

Whitford Library

Cnr Marmion Avenue and Banks Avenue,


Map and Directions

Most of us are so overwhelmed by sensory overload. To cope, our brains numb our senses to block out all that stressful sensory overload bombarding us all at once. The big problem is, the brain not only numbs out the bad stuff, but also all the good senses that make life so rich and fulfilling. The result, our lives become oblivious to the beauty and awesome sensory experiences that is all around us.

To un-numb the numb, Michael Pelusey has created a photographic process that truly awakens our senses.

At the end of the presentation, participants can take away a simple, do anywhere exercise that quickly awakens their senses and reduce the effects of stress at the same time.

Cost $5.00. Book and pay online.

For further information on this event please call the City on 9400 4751.

Please note, the presentation will run for approximately one hour, and refreshments are included.

Registration for this event is now closed.