Organic Gardening 101

Date: 22 January 2022
Start Time: 2.00 pm
End Time: 3.00 pm
Venue Details:

Webinar (online self paced)

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Free Event

Are you a gardening novice and not sure where to start?

What better way to start than by joining Grow It Local and tuning into this not to be missed session with our very own WA gardening whizz Casey Lister @pinchdashglug for an introduction to organic gardening techniques, processes and simple hacks to help you achieve homegrown success.

As part of this session we’ll touch on the role of healthy soil to support diverse microorganisms and earthworms, water retention, access to sunshine and how to choose the right crops for your patch.

So book your free ticket to this online session and join us on Saturday 22 January 2022, 2.00pm.
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