Drafting, editing and revising towards publication

Date: 14 October 2018
Start Time: 1.30 pm
End Time: 4.30 pm
Venue Details:

Peter Cowan Writers' Centre Inc (PCWC)

Edith Cowan House,

ECU Joondalup Campus, 270 Joondalup Drive,


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Whatever professional editing your work may eventually receive when accepted for publication, if you’re a serious writer you must initially be your own editor, able to see your draft material through the eyes of a vigilant reader and undertake rigorous revision.

Learning how to have an editor in your head is just as important for non-fiction (e.g. memoir writing, biography or history) as for short stories and novels.

This workshop will help you to scrutinise your text meticulously at all levels, from content and structure to the stylistic details.

To register for the workshop, please visit the PCWC website or call 9301 2282 for more information.