Live and Learn - Aboriginal Languages and Creole

Date: 19 September 2019
Start Time: 10.00 am
End Time: 11.30 am
Venue Details:

Joondalup Library

102 Boas Avenue,


Map and Directions
$3.00 payable at the door

'It’s easy to mistake mother-in-law for a nasty species of sting-ray!’

A presentation of comparative overviews of English and Aboriginal phonologies as a basis for understanding miscommunication in Aboriginal communities, the processes of language transfer, 'Aboriginal' English and Creole (Kriol).

Cost $3.00. Book online.

Please note: the presentation will run for approximately one hour, followed by refreshments.

Parking: Please be aware that there is limited free parking at Joondalup library. Details of parking locations and fees can be found at the City’s Parking webpage.

For more information on this event please call the City on 9400 4751.

Registration for this event is now closed.